Boys Coach: Felipe Obrero : [email protected]

Boys Asst. Coach: Clint Koehler: [email protected]

Boys Asst. Coach: Jett Schmitt: [email protected]

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Girls Coach - Ellen Benefield: [email protected]

Girls Asst. Coach - Michelle Mathis: [email protected]

Girls Asst. Coach - Keith Lindgren: [email protected]

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Order of Track and Field Events

  1. 100m Dash
  2. 1600m Run
  3. 4x200m Relay
  4. 4x100m Relay
  5. 400m Dash
  6. 200m Dash
  7. 800m Run
  8. 4x400m Relay

(Girls go to field events, begin boys' running events with 100m Dash)

Weather permitting, we will have the following field events:

  1. Shot
  2. Discus
  3. Long Jump
  4. High Jump
  5. Pole Vault